During my 19 years of life, I have learnt that setting goals are the foundations for success. Once you have set your goals out you can start working out the intermediate steps you must take to achieve your end goal. This not only makes it easier for you to check your progress but it also… Continue reading Goals


How to stop procrastination

Procrastination. The bane of everyone’s life. Why revise for an exam or complete your taxes when you can waste hours of your life online watching pointless cat videos. Now procrastination is not always a bad thing ! Many great ideas and inventions have come about due to procrastination, including this blog ! However most of… Continue reading How to stop procrastination



As a teenager I used ti wish my years away, yearning for the day that I didn't have to battle with spots. However as I start to enter adulthood I have realized that the spots don't go away. I’ve been plagued with spots for many years now and thus have tried many different products to… Continue reading acne